“Marijuana, by gratifying our desire to change consciousness, has gotten people to risk their lives, their freedom in order to grow more of it and plant more of it.” – Michael Pollen

Love it or hate it, marijuana is here in a big way and it’s likely here to stay. After a over a century of banishment, things have taken a shift. State after state have joined the list of those who have embraced legalization. Though late to the party, the main stage is starting to shine a new, hip light on this ancient healing plant.

In fact, it’s hard to find an area of life in which marijuana is not a possible solution (or enhancement).

Cannabis’ History in Healing

Cannabis has been a long-standing medicinal treasure, almost since the dawn of mankind. Ancient texts from all over the world have mentioned it as a sacred healing medicine. Cannabis has been used for centuries to treat maladies ranging from joint stiffness to labor pains. Some cultures even use cannabis tinctures to soothe colicky babies.

We have records to show this, dating back to 2800 BC with Chinese emperor Shen-Nun. Sheng was a skilled botanist and decided to seek out alternative treatments for his subjects after the “magic” of his appointed priests no longer cut it.

Following the principles of yin and yang, Sheng experimented on himself with the plant. He believed when the positive energies (male) and negative energies (female) were out of balance, the body developed illness.

His answer was balance. Declaring cannabis to be one of the Superior Elixirs of Immortality, Sheng prescribed cannabis for everything ranging from absent mindedness to menstrual pain.

Sacrament & Meditative Aid

Another ancient use for cannabis was as a sacrament in religious worship. This is a practice dating as far back as 2000 BCE by Hindus, both in India and Nepal. It has also been mentioned in Greek mythology.

Perhaps the most common spiritual face of cannabis is the Rastafari religion. Rastafari believe cannabis is derived from the “Tree of Life” as mentioned in the bible. They use it both for meditation and as part of a cleansing and awakening process.

The herb is a sacrament and not just used to get high. The culture and religion has been glorified in the Western world and the Rasta colors can be seen in everything and anything weed related. Perhaps the original intention of the Rastafarian religion has been lost in the cultural transfer, but it remains a pillar of cannabis’ spiritual history.

The “Fashionable Narcotic”

Did you know some of history’s most notable weed proprietors include ancient Egyptian pharaohs, George Washington, Queen Victoria and even Joan of Arc?

In the mid-1800’s marijuana use was not only acceptable, it was ‘in vogue’. Opium dens and hashish parlors decorated the East coast with around 500 cannabis-friendly cafes (that’s more than current Starbucks locations today).

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During this time cannabis was about as popular as Advil is today. In fact, marijuana was the main active ingredient in over 100 medications, right up until the discovery of aspirin in 1897. Unfortunately, prohibition began shortly afterwards.

New Trends in Cannabis

States like Colorado and Washington have experienced a boom in tourism lately. This is because of the recent legalization for recreational marijuana.  From weed tours to weed-themed weddings it’s pretty clear we have entered a new cannabis age.

Imagine checking into a rugged Colorado dude-ranch. They have all the fixins: horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking. Now imagine starting each day with a ‘Wake and  Bake Breakfast”. There is also cannabis cooking classes and a 4:20 Community Hour. All that and more is available to patrons who book a stay at Cannacamp. This is a new outdoors retreat backed by Bud + Breakfast – a chain of ganja friendly bed and breakfast cottages in Colorado.

If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate, you can try out LoDo Massage, also in Colorado. This venue offers a wide range of therapeutic services including the now infamous Mile High Massage. Guests at LoDo enjoy the same benefits one could expect from any massage studio.  Therapeutic candles, soothing sounds of nature, an accommodating staff. The Mile High option offers a THC and CBD infused lotion by Apothecanna.

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Another cannabis solution for pain is a new kind of yoga. Ashley Asatu, located in the Bay Area, offers her clients cannabis yoga sessions.  She commits to meeting her clients “where they are” (both in fitness and in their comfort with marijuana). Blending cannabis with yoga allows one to enjoy a more productive stretch. Cannabis yogis are also more mentally relaxed and reach a deeper spiritual connection with the process. For patients living with pain – this can be a life changer!

Sex & Reproductive Health

Anyone who has ever experimented with weed knows it can also enhance sexual experiences. It lowers inhibitions, encourages a deeper level of intimacy and enhances sensation. Everyone wins.

Foria is a California-based company lead by creator Mathew Gerson (also founder of Sir Richards, a vegan condom company).  Foria has introduced two life-changing products to the market. The first is Foria Pleasure, a coconut-based, cannabis infused feminine lubricant. This product is designed to enhance desire and create a body euphoria. The second product, Foria Relief, is a cannabis suppository created to ease cramps during ‘that time of the month’. So far, women have been raving about both options (and the men are also likely appreciative).

A Bright Future

Call it an aphrodisiac, a vacation theme, or a meditation enhancer. The only thing you cannot call cannabis is useless. Still in the beginning stages of its social re-birth we have a lot to look forward to. As a new generation of cannabis users emerge and legislation modernizes, we can expect to see further discoveries in medicinal and recreational use.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Comment below on how YOU use cannabis!