ashley asatu yoga in oakland ca

When Oakland-based yoga instructor Ashley Asatu walks into a room, the room lights up. Her bright smile and high energy are warm and inviting. You would never guess that she’s suffering from debilitating ovarian pain every month. This may be because Ashley doesn’t take pain lying down.

She recently took to her blog My Naked Monologues to talk about her adventures in ovarian pain management.  Ashley hailed Sweet Releaf for reducing her pain from a ruptured ovarian cyst.

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She tried several cannabis-infused oils with no luck when a friend suggested Sweet Releaf. “I was very skeptical. But at this point I was also desperate,” she said.

The results?

“I woke up virtually pain free from a very restful slumber.”

Now Ashley incorporates Sweet Releaf into her ovarian pain management therapy (which also includes restorative yoga poses and anti-inflammatory tea). We love knowing that our body butter is helping people life pain-free so they can focus on the important stuff! Like being the brightest thing in the room. Thanks for sharing your experience, Ashley!

Read the rest of Ashley’s story here and get 10% off your next Sweet Releaf order when you use code ASHLEYASATU!