The season’s best cannabis products for seniors

Medical cannabis has advanced far beyond the days of simple raw cannabis buds. With medical legalization and adult-use laws, those raw flowers can be refined into a wide range of different types of products for more targeted therapies.

Specifically, seniors and Baby Boomers are being targeted with a new wave of no-euphoria and low-euphoria medical marijuana products and modalities for age-related medical conditions.

We highlight some of the most popular, widely available, high-quality, award-winning ones and the medical conditions patients are using them for.


Sweet ReLeaf
Always on the cutting edge of topicals, Bay Area-produced Sweet ReLeaf has been helping patients with aches and localized swelling. Aside from quality, one of the things that pushed them to the top was a much lighter “greasy” feeling than their competitors. Highly recommended for folks with arthritis in their hands.