While many of us head to the spa when we want to indulge in an experience of luxury and pampering, sometimes we need spa time when we are in actual physical pain and seeking the relief a massage, sauna or hydrotherapy session can provide. But if a spa visit is not realistic for you either because of financial, scheduling or other constraints there are alternatives. Enter Sweet Releaf, a product that provides a spa like experience at an affordable price all in the comfort of your own home.

Infused with medical cannabis, this pain relieving body butter is handcrafted and has an organic, all natural coconut oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter base. Because it contains no animal products, this product is also 100% cruelty free. Scented with a proprietary essential oil blend, Sweet Releaf provides pain relief without the psychoactive “high” associated with smoking cannabis.

This topical cream is effective with conditions that include: arthritis and joint pain, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis, diabetic foot pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, insomnia, pressure sores and more. Unlike many similar products on the market, Sweet Releaf has a soft creamy texture that absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft and smoothe. For those who are scent sensitive, an unscented version is available that provides the same quality pain relief, just without the essential oils.

Sweet Releaf was created for a family member who suffered from serious chronic pain after a car accident. Since then, this “spa in a bottle” cream has helped ease the suffering of hundreds of customers, providing freedom from pain and physical discomfort in an affordable and accessible way.

Whether used in conjunction with a professional massage or as a daily body crème, Sweet Releaf is a great addition to wellness routines, providing safe and natural pain relief without uncomfortable side effects. Though this can currently only be ordered in California (with a cannabis prescription), this may change in the future.

Source: Get some Sweet Releaf | Examiner.com