The Health & Wellness Report 2019: Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Trends

The Health & Wellness Report 2019: Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Trends We are so grateful to have been featured in this article. Below is just the Sweet Releaf tidbit. Above is the link to the full article. Image courtesy of Sweet Releaf Sweet Releaf Body Butter A whole-plant, terpene-rich mixture of THC for pain, THCA [...]

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January Roundup: 9 Cannabis Wellness Products For THC-Infused Fitness

It’s 2019! Resolutions and goals have been set–to give up alcohol for Dry January; to lose weight with highly touted diets and regular workouts; to remain flexible with yoga, or commit to a hardcore training regime. None of these intentions are new, but there are new products, theories, techniques, and trends to try, to get [...]

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San Francisco Chronicle’s GreenState – best cannabis products for seniors

The season’s best cannabis products for seniors Medical cannabis has advanced far beyond the days of simple raw cannabis buds. With medical legalization and adult-use laws, those raw flowers can be refined into a wide range of different types of products for more targeted therapies. Specifically, seniors and Baby Boomers are being targeted with [...]

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Strictly Topical, Inc. – Bay Area Company Highlight

Company Name: Strictly Topical, Inc. Location or Address: San Francisco Bay Area Website: www.GetSweetReLeaf.com Phone Number: (415) 720-3511 How would you describe your company? What is your specialty? We manufacture a potent cannabis topical called Sweet ReLeaf. The product was created specifically to relieve chronic pain in the body and on the skin. We make [...]

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Culture Magazine: Sweet ReLeaf Original Body Butter

          Pain is a universal experience. If it doesn’t affect you, it’s probably impacting someone you know or love. Sweet ReLeaf’s Original Body Butter is your first defense against pain! This potent medicated topical brings Help Where It HurtsTM to the affected area, but without any feelings of getting high. Sweet ReLeaf [...]

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7 New Cannabis Products We’re Feelin’ for February

1) Cannaderm Body Cream Made with distilled water, mango butter, emulsifying wax, vegetable glycerine, steric acid, optiphen, fractionated coconut oil, cannabis extract, arnica extract, and essential oils, Cannaderm’s Body Cream is a rich, medicated, pain-relieving body cream that helps reduce pain, skin irritations, and body discomfort. CannadermUsa.com 2) Julie’s Groovy Granola Bar Made with coconut [...]

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Branding Bud: Marijuana Companies Want California to Issue Trademarks for Pot

The sandwich baggie brimming with buds is gradually becoming a thing of the past in California. In its place, an era of name-brand marijuana is emerging. Celebrities -- including actress Whoopi Goldberg, rapper Snoop Dogg, rocker Melissa Etheridge and the family of reggae legend Bob Marley -- are branding their own herb. Law firms have [...]

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DOPE Magazine | Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

“We call our topicals, ‘Help Where It Hurts, Without the High,’” explained Sweet Releaf founder Didi Davis to DOPE Magazine, “because topicals work differently on the body than other forms of cannabis medicine,” Davis elaborated. “You are actually able to apply and medicate the area exactly where it hurts”. The family-run business was born of [...]

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