true farma logoA common hurdle for the cannabis industry is battling the public’s view of marijuana. True Farma, a new website launching June 29th, has an answer for this.

The reputation of cannabis often precedes its benefits, causing hesitation among potential patients. For some, cannabis is the vital missing link in their treatment plans. For others, marijuana could be what would help them lead a pain-free life. Still, many have anxiety around the process of obtaining a cannabis recommendation or even talking to their doctor about options. Often times medical providers can’t offer much more than a canned response and some even refuse to discuss it. This is due to the immense miseducation about cannabis, the benefits, the side-effects and it’s overall potential. True Farma Twitter

The solution, of course, is to increase awareness and provide centralized resources. To respond to common questions, concerns, and to defeat urban myths. To partner with industry leaders and discuss misunderstandings and proper messaging. This would build a new understanding of cannabis both for new patients and willing medical providers.

True Farma’s Pre-Launch

True Farma’s website will provide a wealth of incredible resources, including top of the line products for home delivery, advocacy for patient access and a wide range of educational tools. True Farma will be an imperative step in bridging the gap between effective natural medicine and those who need it most. We’re proud to be True Farma’s chosen cannabis topical.

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