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Why Cannabis Patients Matter

The world of cannabis is always moving. It’s a living, breathing plant with a living, breathing footprint. More and more the culture is leaning away from harmful and addictive prescriptions. This shift has brought medical marijuana into the center of healing and business development. Still, research is lagging behind.

Sweet Releaf wouldn’t be what it is today were it not for patient feedback. It has been a process of trying what works and improving based on results. Since we first hit the market, our body butter has proven to be something of a chameleon. One patient may report that Sweet Releaf helped with a bug bite. Another may find it completely cured them of persistent pain after a few days of application.

Hearing from you is key.


The Challenges of Cannabis

Right now, the cannabis industry is going through a temperamental time. Cannabusiness is booming and patient access is growing. New uses for marijuana emerge every day. Despite these milestones, research is still restricted. Getting research-grade cannabis into a lab is still only allowed for a select few. Due to federal regulations and its Schedule 1 listing, marijuana is difficult to study. (Read more on why from in this article from Popular Science).

Cannabis has come far, sure, but we have to do better. Imagine where the industry would be with even a fraction of the research that goes into aspirin.

Fortunately there is no regulation that prevents you from sharing your experience with us.


Why Research Matters

Take a look at the label on the back of your kid’s cough medicine. There’s instructions on everything from how much to take to what the possible side effects may be. Labeling medical marijuana is still hit or miss. California state law only requires that labels include basic warnings and compliance information. Keep it out of reach of children, don’t operate heavy machinery while medicated, etc.

But what about how to use the medicine? Frequency? Dosage amount? Providing instructions specific to the medicine is often the key in seeing optimal results.


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Help Us Help Everyone

We want to do more than just produce an effective product. We also want to join the larger conversation about where cannabis is going. We strive to increase community awareness and widen patient access and education.

This week we sent a brief survey to our email subscribers. We’ll be asking a little bit about you, what ails you and how you are using Sweet Releaf. Want to share your experience with the community?  We encourage you to include a personal testimony as well!


As a special THANK YOU, we’ll include 15% off our
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Be sure to look out for our questionnaire this week.  Thank you for being a vital part of this community. We are with you on this journey!