Thanks for visiting our redesigned website! We’re so excited to offer our Sweet Releaf product line online! Our potent body butter is used all over California for providing relief from serious ailments. Please visit our Testimonial page to read all the heartwarming stories from patients state-wide.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

As makers and daily users of Sweet Releaf, our mission has been to share pain relief with millions. As more people tried our product, we learned that Sweet Releaf has more uses than we ever imagined! People everywhere have found relief for chronic pain, inflammation, eczema, arthritis, menstrual cramps – even mosquito bites!

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Sweet Releaf product jars

So Why Topicals?

When it comes to medical cannabis, topicals are generally overlooked. Smokeables, edibles and tinctures dominate the market. However, topicals allow patients to apply a product to a problem area and feel immediate relief!

This is especially beneficial to those who don’t want to feel high. Sweet Releaf provides the perfect balance of pain management without feeling medicated.

We’re so excited to continue exploring the benefits of Sweet Releaf with you! If you are already a patient, please share your experiences and uses by sending us your comments.

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We wish you health, happiness, and freedom from pain!


President, Strictly Topical Inc.