Sweet Releaf Body Butter – A nod from MG Magazine

July 11, 2019 Happy to have our Comfort Body Butter listed and described in MG Magazine. Image courtesy of Sweet Releaf A whole-plant, terpene-rich mixture of THC for pain, THCA for inflammation, and CBD for enhanced effect, Sweet Releaf’s Comfort and Comfort+ body butters are crafted to soothe mild to moderate pain and nourish the [...]

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The Health & Wellness Report 2019: Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Trends

July 2, 2019 As if ordained by some Universal Wisdom, the stars have aligned to bring health and wellness markets to the forefront at precisely the same moment when interest in cannabis-, hemp-, and other plant-based products is at an all-time high. Whether called karma, miraculous, inevitable, hype, or all of those, the global cannabis [...]

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June 27, 2019 "We believe topicals to be the true gateway for new consumers — Sweet Releaf and Xternal are constants for our aches and pains."   Full Article Below: “We believe that a primary understanding of the product is essential, and so 420 in our office is R&D time,” says Joyce Cenali wryly — almost scientifically. A [...]

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January Roundup: 9 Cannabis Wellness Products For THC-Infused Fitness

It’s 2019! Resolutions and goals have been set–to give up alcohol for Dry January; to lose weight with highly touted diets and regular workouts; to remain flexible with yoga, or commit to a hardcore training regime. None of these intentions are new, but there are new products, theories, techniques, and trends to try, to get [...]

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San Francisco Chronicle’s GreenState – best cannabis products for seniors

The season’s best cannabis products for seniors Medical cannabis has advanced far beyond the days of simple raw cannabis buds. With medical legalization and adult-use laws, those raw flowers can be refined into a wide range of different types of products for more targeted therapies. Specifically, seniors and Baby Boomers are being targeted with [...]

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