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THC or CBD? New Study Discovers Truth!

It has long been thought by both society and the scientific community that only CBD has medical benefits, while THC simply gets you high.  A new study done by researchers at the University of New Mexico (UNM) has debunked this idea. What they have learned is that higher doses of THC prove best for relieving [...]

Staying Active with Chronic Back Pain

Few things can feel quite as debilitating as chronic back pain. It’s easy to feel like the best solution is bedrest until the pain goes away, but it turns out that exercise may be a better option. Studies show that both specific core strengthening exercises meant to target the back and generally staying active can [...]

Benefits of Exercise for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has become one of the most common reasons that millions of people see their doctor, yet there are few good solutions that provide immediate or long-term relief. With increasing numbers of Americans becoming addicted to opioids in their search for relief from chronic pain, doctors have begun recommending more natural methods to combat [...]

What I Use Cannabis Topicals For: Muscle Pain

When your muscles need a little TLC, cannabis topicals are there to save the day. Muscle soreness affects us all. No one is immune. Whether you’ve had an exhilarating run, been out weeding in the garden, or are simply done in by a long day at work, sore muscles are certainly among the worst rewards. [...]

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Diabetic Leg Pain Treatment with Cannabis Topicals

When you think about uses for medical marijuana, diabetes isn't usually at the top of anyone's list. Diabetes can cause severe and chronic pain in the arms, hands, legs and feet. Diabetic leg pain can be debilitating. The pain is the result of nerve damage caused by damaged blood vessels that carry oxygen to the [...]

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