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What makes Sweet Releaf™ so amazing?

Hint: it’s not just the smell.

We infuse our body butter with cannabis trichomes, the most potent, broad spectrum extract. We collect the trichomes* from chilled cannabis. No chemical solvents necessary.

Because sweet relief is what we’re after.

We blend a number of whole, organic ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and our unique blend of essential oils to bring you a natural alternative to traditional medicines, that come with negative side effects.

Because who needs side effects when all you want is less pain?

*trichomes: resin glands where the actual production of cannabinoids like CBD + THC occurs.

“Sweet Releaf is the most effective pain relieving cream I have ever used. The smell is pleasant and enchanting and it has a nice body feel. When I have sore muscles I rub it in and the pain and discomfort melts away.”

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Our Story

It all started when a loved one got in a serious accident. We watched her suffer through so much pain during numerous surgeries and a running list of pharmaceutical band-aids that did more harm than good. We believe in the healing power of plants, specifically how the human endocannabinoid system communicates with the compounds found in Cannabis. We like to call it ‘Intelligent Medicine.’

Sweet Releaf was born out of necessity. Traditional salves and balms were too hard, sticky and stinky and not potent enough. We set to work to create the most effective and enjoyable cannabis topical. Along the way, and with tons of feedback and testimonials, we have discovered that Sweet Releaf helps a diversity of ailments.

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